~ Let's Pretend ~

When we were children,
both friends and kin
each and every Saturday
was spent in a very special way.

Gathered together in a pile
around an old radio dial
on the porch outside,
the radio close to an open window just inside.

Still and quiet, no one would dare go
as we waited for a special radio show
as over the air waves it would send
a program called "Let's Pretend"!
We waited in awe and anticipation
using our imagination,
for there was no TV screen,
no images or action seen.

But in our young mind
was a villain and hero of every kind.
There was no TV set
but it was the best entertainment yet!!
There was no Stephen King
but we could fly away on a horse's wing.
We had no Darth Vader
but we could wrestle an alligator!
Never saw Howdy Doody
we were busy taking the pirate's booty.
No R-rated stories in our head
We had "Let's Pretend" instead!

No Spielberg and ET,
we didn't have to see,
we could pretend ...
magical stories flying in the wind!
Fight scenes were not choreographed or staged
in our imaginations the battles were waged.
Sex and violence not a must
'cause we were sprinkled with fairy dust!

If there was a monster of any kind,
not to worry, for it was only in your mind!
Using your imagination with friends was such fun
sitting outside in the warmth of the sun!

What a glorious way
to spend a Saturday!
How I wish we could go back there!
Oh, but we can if imagination we share!

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission

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