~ Letter Of Love ~

A miracle happens, love unfolds
beauty, whenever your emails
arrive...I am touched by the
little of heaven I can hold,
through the warmth of your heart
bringing love into my soul.

A miracle happens, joy is
when your life connects with mine
in eternal care..I am blessed
each day that you come...
eagerly, with all the love
you want to share

It is a miracle how we came to be,
Like the amazement we feel
as we see a rose unfolding it's bud,
so gently has our friendship become
something beautiful to keep
of never ending love

The miracle of your kindred spirit
is more than I can fathom
as I ponder how this wasn't random..
for we know our Father plans all, He chose
Your thoughtfulness and understanding
to be gifts to me, beyond imagining..

Along with all your other qualities
too numerous to mention
I thank God for the miracle
through you He imparts
Thank you for always being there for me
with your kind and compassionate heart

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Each day I open my email I feel your love
just flowing through, whether it be what you write
or your words unspoken to me each day, I know
that you too are feeling my love


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