~ Letter To My Soldier ~

Itís Christmas in the country,
carolers sing songs of praise.
Down in the city courtyard,
the Christmas tree is raised.

Lights on every rooftop,
twinkle brightly in the night.
Songs of Christmas cheer are heard,
snow lays its blanket of white.

People rush down busy streets,
shopping for Christmas cheer.
But I am sitting all alone,
itís not the same this year.

I got your letter in the mail
and I held it to my heart.
For a moment, you were with me,
even though we're far apart.

Friends come by to visit,
and for a time I can forget,
that you are fighting far away,
and won't be home just yet.

But then there are these moments,
when my heart cries out in pain.
I just can't take another day,
will I ever hold you again?

I'm sorry for my tears of woe,
but, sweetheart, I'm so afraid.
I couldn't live without you,
so please, for me, stay safe.

As you lay down on Christmas eve,
please look at the stars above.
Remember the day we knew
that we were falling in love.

I will hold you in my dreams
Ďtill I can hold you in my arms;
And pray that God above
will keep you from all harm.


 Forrest Phelps-Cook © 2005
Reflections From My Heart

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