~ Let The Bells Ring ~

The bells of time ring deep inside, like an echo
With pride, I love someone so, they toll
On and on, through the moments
Memories each day
Having had to say goodbye
To have you so far away

For you, I try to be brave and smile
And find that freedom of heart
But I live out my days missing you more
So proud my darling, that you are mine
Unable to push aside, the ache inside

Yet, always glad for the one, we became
I write, put in a little kiss
My heart beats on, imagining you
Holding my letter close, just to breathe it in
The fragrance, as you would do

I wish sometimes, but daren't
That the days might quickly pass
And heaven might come for us
To be always together like we dreamed
How for us it would forever last

And my darling, yes, we will
As all around me, I hear the laughter
The chatter as folk move to and fro
But all I can think of is where
My heart would rather go

And that constant feeling of turning around
Just imagining...
Seeing you standing there
Close again, just to surprise me
Always, in our dreams, this is what we share

Then I wonder why, the you and I
Loving one so far from home
But would we change how God made us to be
You, I want, so brave, so very precious
My heart tolls for you and you alone

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


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