~ Let Us Remember ~

On this Holy night of Christmas
Let's remember why we're here
And celebrate the Birth of Christ
A whole lot different this year

Let's get our minds on why
This little babe was born
Not on what we'll open
On early Christmas morn'

It's so nice to send a gift
And just as nice to get one
But let us focus now
On the reason Jesus had come

His birth we celebrate
But He was born to die
He gave his all at Calvary
Because he loved you and I

Remember why this babe was born
On this wonderful day
He grew to be a man, died on a cross
He's no longer in that bed of hay

So as we tell the story of His birth
Why this man had to come live on earth
Let our gift to Him be brought
Remembering, that it's our "WORSHIP"
"He has always sought"


Betty Hill 2005


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