~ Life In The Park ~

I was walking in the park
One sunny, Springtime day
As I passed by this old Man
These words I heard him say,
"The birds and bees and the trees
And flowers from the ground,
Are the most important things,
What makes the World go ‘round."

I turned around, looked at him,
Asked, "Can I join you?"
"Sure!", he said, "Come sit down.
I need some comp’ny too."
I said, "I overheard you.
Did you just make that up?"
As he poured out some coffee
And offered me a cup.

I sat and listened to him
As he told his story.
With a sparkle in his eyes
He was in his glory.

"When I was a young lad,
Not much older than you,
I knew just what I wanted
And, how to get it, too.
I made a million dollars,
Then, made a couple more.
I bought anything I wanted.
I could open any door.
I met a girl and fell in love.
Our marriage vows were said.
There’s no words to tell about
The happy life we led.

We traveled ‘round the World.
We did it hand in hand,
And because we had money
Could do most things we planned.
I thought money could buy us
Anything on this Earth,
Until I tried to buy a Life
And found out what they are worth.

You see, son, my Wife got sick.
They said that She would die.
And no matter what I spent,
The docs could not say, why."
"While I sat by helplessly
And watched Her fade away,
She gave me strength and comfort
With things, She’d write and say.

That, about the birds and bees
Is something that She wrote.
And if you can spare the time
There’s more that I can quote."
I said, "Sure! I’ve got all day
And I would love to hear."
And this is what he told me
As he wiped away a tear.

"She said, ‘Though I must leave you
I’ll live on in your heart.
It would take much more than death
To tear our Love apart.
Each time you see a flower,
A bird or buzzing bee,
Or hear the wind in the trees,
Just pretend that it’s me.
When you hear a child laugh
Or when you hear one cry,
Imagine that you see my smile
Or their tear in my eye.

Just think how very lucky
The two of us have been,
And just remember that one day
We two shall meet again.’
The night that She told me that
She passed on in Her sleep,
And as I held Her in my arms
I found, I couldn’t weep.

What She said, gave me the will
To live and carry on.
And I come here to see Her
With every morning’s dawn."
I told Him, "Thanks for sharing.
What a sad and loving story."
And as I looked around the park
I saw His Wife in all Her glory.

By then the Sun was setting
And I said, "I need to go!
He said, "So do I, I guess."
As He walked away real slow.

Well, I saw that kindly old Man
A few times after that,
But then, one day the seat was vacant
On that park bench where he sat.
It was the Fall of the year,
Most of the birds and bees had gone.
So had the kids and flowers
Chased by the chilling winter’s dawn.

But I know, deep down, next Spring
There will be twice the Life
Because those two, will be there,
That old Man, and his Wife.


Del "Abe" Jones ©2005

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