~ Life's Design ~

As children, we proclaim what direction our life will take,
Will it be as a pilot, an actor, fireman or policeman.
Or will our lives take us all over the world in a jet,
Foraging new horizons for people in the world's plan.

Decisions take much serious time and thought,
Growing up the child becomes a master at change.
Interests differ, talents become pronounced,
Recreation a must, priorities must be rearranged.

Suddenly the idea of God planning our lives,
Makes the path a bit unwieldly at times.
Replying on someone who cannot be seen,
The Master of our destiny in all of our lifetimes.

Taking a cue from reading God's book,
The Bible examines the mystery of life.
The beginnings, the lives of many people,
Staying on the righteous path, then afterlife.

Could it be that our life's direction will follow,
A map of content that will make us free.
Could it be that our Savior was always there,
We didn't see or realize the value, He's the key.

I thank my Heavenly Father for directing me,
His still, small voice so clear and strong.
The silence of meditation is where I hear,
His call of obedience and where I belong.

Thank you God for loving me so much,
For instructing, directing and caring for me.
I know now my God-given talents do matter,
For You are my All, as I look towards Thee.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 9/21/06

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