~ Life's Marathon ~

There's a race that's set before you
Run it with all your might
It's not just a sprint but a marathon
And you'll be running all your life

Stay in the race with your eyes on the prize
That's promised by the Lord and so,
Start the race for eternal life
Get ready, get ready, get set, now go!

There will be hurdles along the way
Jump and keep on going my friend
If you fall down, don't give up
Repent, get in the race again

Take some folks along with you
And the greater is your reward
Keep running for the Crown of Life
To be given by the Lord

Jesus will help you make it on
To that bright and golden shore
Get set, now go and finish the course
'Til you arrive at heaven's door

Yolanda Cohen 2006

'Be faithful until death,
and I will give thee a crown of life'
Rev 2:10 NKJV

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Midi is "Oh Happy Day" from Rock Of My Soul


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