~ Lifting You Up in Prayer ~

When you feel so all alone,
And you wonder if someone cares,
Remember, I am kneeling down
Lifting you up in prayer.

When you don't know which way to turn
And feel there's things you just can't share,
Know that I am kneeling still
Lifting you up in prayer.

As you are kneeling down yourself
Upon your knees with no one there,
I am kneeling on mine too,
Lifting you up in prayer.

I've prayed since I have known your needs
And I am praying still,
Raising up a praising hand
As I get upon my knees to kneel.

Separately, we will kneel.
And together we will pray,
For we know the Lord will hear
EVERYTHING we have to say.

So, I'll pray for you, you pray for me,
For with two we know that He will hear
Every time we bend our knees
And lovingly lift up a prayer.

Lynn King 2006

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