~ Like A Rose ~

Come and sit beside me
open up your heart
share with me your feelings
and deepest inner thoughts

Enjoy the sweet sensations
as bodies both entwine
relish magic moments
your scent mixed with mine

Taste of my sweet kisses
lasting through the night
under stars and moonbeams
hold me close and tight

It will feel like Heaven
on a magic carpet ride
fantasy dreams awaken
come sit by my side

Tell me what you're feeling
as we snuggle 'neath the skies
whisper ever softly
look deep into my eyes

My love will last forever
you're the only one
never will I leave you
'til all my days are done


Like a rose, I'll crumble
wilt away and die
I've told you that I love you
please don't break my heart

 Rose Marie Streeter

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