~ A Likeness of Me ~

There's someone in the mirror, someone that I see,
Who is this vague reflection looking back at me?
I used to know her name once, I used to know her smile-
She used to have a spark--but it's been missing for awhile.

Somehow in the process of living everyday,
The tools to bear Life's sorrows seemed to slip away.
This woman in the mirror…searches deep within…
And yearns to get the strength back to love her life again.

How can I find the vigor to walk the path ahead,
When the burdens that I carry pull me down instead?
How can I let them go, when they nag me all life long,
Rewinding all the notes of Suffering's saddest song?

I need to turn the noise off on what has played before,
And step in through the entrance of Hope's renewing door.
I need to press ahead and begin to move my feet,
To find a brand new road that makes the Past retreat.

The image in the mirror is more than what I see,
More than just a likeness looking back at me-
Within there is a spirit, a structure made to stand,
Inside there is a presence, someone who was planned.

So now I look more closely…behind the eyes I see,
And look into the person, the person that is me,
I don't have to live life hurting or shackled to the past,
I can move by stepping…into The Hope that lasts!

Sharon Frye
Dedicated to Nathaniel A. Booker
Please pray for victims of
Post Truamatic Stress Disorder

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