~ I'd Like to Find You Again ~
I know I'm not perfect, but then neither are you,
You seem to find fault in everything I do.
No matter how hard I try, it's never enough,
You make living with you, so doggone tough.
We used to be so much in love, happy and carefree,
Now it seems like you can't even stand to look at me.
I'm still that same woman you took for life,
We stood before God, exchanged vows,
before becoming man and wife.
I go to church and I pray each day, I do the best I can,
The troubles in our marriage, please help me understand !!
God says my place is keeping you fed and your house clean,
To others you talk about me and say things really mean.
God gave you twice the strength that he gave to me,
So you could go out and work and support your family.
I work at home and do other jobs too,
But how often am I accused of never helping you.
I'd like to find the man I married way back when,
I pray to God daily to help me find that man again.
My pillow has become a friend that I hold so tight,
While I drown my troubles as I sob throughout the night.
I know if you'd find God again, you'd find your way back to me,
And God would give me back the man that you use to be.
I don't know how much more I can let you put me through,
You're killing all the love I've ever held for you.
I believe in second chances, so I've laid this at God's feet,
At the root of this problem is where we need to meet.
We need to talk this over and let God do the rest,
Divorce is not the answer, and I have done my best.
I have been a loving wife, faithful and true,
According to the Bible, I've done all that I'm supposed to do.
It's up to you now if this marriage falls apart,
Satan's really good at tearing two people apart!!
You can live by the Bible or temptation can rule your fate,
We can choose to live by love or we can choose to live by hate.
Whatever your choice, whatever your cross,
If you choose divorce, God will help me deal with my loss..
Brenda King March 29th, 2005
Dedicated to all the women who have dealt with abuse,
 whether it be verbal or physical, all of it still leaves scars,
 and needs time to heal.. If you are in an abusive situation,
 find your way out through the help of God and the love
 and support of others.  You can live a happy life
 but it's a choice you have to make.
So please make that choice and let God change your life!!

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