I felt a presence very close
Yet, no-one could I see
A warmth just like a cuddly blanket
Enveloped all of me

I went without and there it stayed
As back within I came
This warm and tender softness
Was with me all the same

All day long the feeling lingered
At night I knew it still
The softest whispers of a love
My heart to ever fill

When everything about me shook
And thunder rolled ahead
I knew my heart was blanketed
Tucked in the safest bed

I called aloud, no-one replied
Yet deep within I heard
"I am here, be still, believe
My love is my sure word"

And I knew no matter if I find someone
In a crowd, or all lonesome
Lonely here I cannot be
When I'm so wrapped up in love

Soft n cuddly Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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