There's a lovely Christmas angel
Flying down from up above,
Searching for the secret,
The secret gift of love.

Peering in the windows,
At the Mommies baking pies,
The Daddies wrapping presents,
That money always buys.

Is it found under the Christmas trees,
Standing in the hall?
Or tucked within the presents
Neatly wrapped for one and all?

What of here a child crying,
For a dear one who's gone away,
If some gifts were left for him
Would such love forever stay.

Stockings hung above the mantle,
Will they fill with love so sweet?
When they bulge with little treasures,
What heart cry to meet.

The lights that sparkle in the streets,
Draw such gasps of pleasure,
Is love glowing from their worth
Is this the way to measure? 

What about those pretty folk,
Dressed up fine to ring the bells?
But, one look at all the faces,
Had a tale to tell.

Surely happy smiles on the snowmen,
Told fun had been in town.
The little angel kept looking in so many places,
Where love could be found,

Then prayed, God, where are You here,
 Please show me, so I know,
How You put Your love in man
Your people down below,

Then He whispered soft and low
True love is a secret miracle to know,

Jesus gave away...but see
A glowing candle, can show you all
It unselfishly gives itself away
While unknowing it grows small.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems

2003 used with permission



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