~ A Little Cloud ~

As I lay back in the grass
Shaded by the trees
I see a little cloud, beautiful to see
I wish I could sit on this little cloud
Fly way up high all day
Listen to what people talk about
Than say a little prayer in answer why

I wish I was on a little cloud
Maybe go to the moon
Watch the stars shining
Catch one as they fall
Then I will get my biggest wish
The greatest one of all

I want my little cloud
To fly me into space
Maybe then, if I looked and looked
I could find a better place

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The peoples poet

Quiet moments...gentle breeze, waiting to be filled
God, in the stillness refreshes as He will
~ Heartwhispers ~

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Midi "Heavenly moments" is used with permission
copyright 2002 
Geoff Anderson


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