Like a little fawn, we feel,
that call of unknown wild
The longing ever to be free,
a restless heart, so constantly,
to frisk...of urgent cry, the why,
in scudding winds of endless life
'cross cloudless skies, there to be swept
The dream of life, in you and I

The call, we long to hear, to be
aloft on wings of endless time
astir with yearning to be loved
so free yet safe, within divine
As geese cry far, in depths of night
our hearts echo, that lonesome flight,
as coyote howls,
in soft moonlight

As awed we gaze, on majesty
so high upon a mountain peak
Our spirits whisper, Lord I am weak
Yet, lift me up on shoulders high
I want to soar, on snowy drifts
where You and I shall surely fly
And tumble in a waterfall
cold spray upon my upturned face
I will be free in Your embrace

Oh yes, that call, I hear it yet
A calling to where You've gone before
And that is where I shall be free
Where I have never been at all
But that sweet call, is from Your heart
God's call for me
Is so much more

Soft eternal heart whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

The call of the wild is a restless voice
of wind and sky and sea;
Beckons all - both great and small
with the yearning to be free.
The call of the wild is a will within
to venture where few have trod,
With a captive sound that makes hearts pound
it must be...the voice of God.
C. David Hay

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midi.. "Mercy Street"
From "Through the Healing Door"
Elan michaels


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