~ Little Picnic In The Woods ~

As I am with you, as you are with me
Within the woods, we'll wander o'er then,
To catch there the sunbeams, pretty and bright
And picnic so nice, as the very best friends.

You bring the flask, all filled to the brim
With white dairy milk and sweetest of tea,
I'll bring the cookies, baked fresh and crisp
And apples fire red, for you and for me.

We'll spread out our rug, in the coziest nook
And lean there upon an old log to rest,
And wile 'way the day, so beautifully well
The loveliest day, so very blessed.

The bunnies all soft, will sniffle real close
Then hop along by, so very near,
And cause we're now hushed, quiet and still
They'll bounce all about without any fear.

We'll reach out our hands, gentle to touch
And place them upon our warm laps,
So soft the fur, we'll rhythmically stroke
While hidden in woods, where gladly we'll chat.

And when the dark shadows lengthen so deep
And dampish cold dew, all over us creeps,
We'll pack up our basket, so carefully like
And place dreamy bunnies, back down to sleep.

Then walk away, sad, back to where we began
And stop at the bridge, to say our goodbye,
Then spread out our wings, to soar there away
As just for today, back home we fly.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2009

Sure if I had the wings of a swallow to what I would flee
But a pretty new path up to heaven for me
When the sun goes to rest, up there in the west
Then I'll have such a nest in the place I love best
I will linger there e'er, with you in my heart
Just a wonderful world, as a place set apart
O the place of my dreams, where you're with me it seems
Then all there I'll pray, for your happiness
And a heart full of love, forever more blessed


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"Little Town In The Old County Down"
Arranged and Sequenced
by Frank Lennon


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