~ Littlest Angel ~

I dreamed I went to Heaven
And much to my surprise
Far off in the distance
I saw something flutter by

As it came much closer
I noticed Angel wings
Then I saw her golden hair
I asked "What is this Jesus brings"?

It was His littlest angel
Sent to greet me at the gate
Carrying flowers of every kind
And not one minute late

Her face full of anticipation
Broad smile, and laughing eyes
The cutest Angel I've ever seen
In the tiniest of size

She reached way up to kiss me
And gave me her bouquet
Then fluttered off into the distance
While gesturing a wave

This littlest angel, God had sent
To make me feel at home
It was also meant to let us know
That we are never on our own

Debbie Looney 07/08/2007


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