~ Live Give Love ~


Do live,
just for today.
Find joy and happiness
in everything you do and say.
Do not worry about tomorrow's plight.
This may be your very last night.
Live with lots of gusto,
joyful; active!
Do live!


Do give,
With all your heart.
Don't hold back anything,
Make someone smile each single day.
This is God's will for us; it is His way.
Give comfort and kindness to all,
No matter how big or small.
God shall be pleased,
Do give.


Do love,
With all you have
To give to all people.
Love your Friends and your enemies.
Giving your love freely; no reservations,
As God has taught us through his Son
We are many nations
Yet we're all one
Do love!

James R. Greene November 1, 2006
with the help of The Lord Thy God.

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