Living In Freedom Since 1776

When I see the red, white and blue
I think of all the soldiers who lived and died,
For me and for you
At a great cost, our freedom was paid
By great men and women, who led the way
With the signing, that first Independence Day

George Washington, Abe Lincoln and our president today
Willing to give their all, so we can still have freedom this day
We had to light a lantern, as Paul Revere took his ride
The British were coming, there would be no surprise

The Civil War came, brother fighting brother
When The Union won, all the slaves were free
We started over, building anew, then Lincoln was shot
As everyone grieved.

WW1 and WW2 came, as our boys landed at Normandy
Pearl Harbor was hit, and we prayed to keep our land free
In the Korean War and Vietnam, we tried to help as much as we can
The people did not want that war, so our soldiers came home
No cheers, no jobs would they see, for it was 'not meant to be'

Then that tragic Tuesday, 9/11, passed our way
And Flight 93, where 40 souls died, but kept our freedom alive
The World Trade Center fell, but people from every walk of life
Held hands with candles all around
We understood then, why America stood it's ground
From 1776 to 2007 we will continue on
For nothing can silence our song

No one will ever take our hearts
Or crush our brave souls
God bless our soldiers across the whole world
Our flag will forever stand strong
The USA, and it's freedom is here to stay
For the people here are so very dear
Living life the all American way.


Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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The Declaration of Independence


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