~Living In My Dreams~

I want to live in my dreams
This life is way too tough
No one seems to care anymore
I've really had enough.

Tired of working my fingers to the bone
Don't want to punch a time clock anymore
All I want to do is escape
My life is like a chore.

The same routine day in and day out
Nothing ever seems to change
Such boredom quietly surrounding me
Everything seems so strange.

At least in my dreams I have a life
I mean something special to someone
There is no hatred, only love
And my life doesn't seem like a rerun.

In my dreams no cruel words are spoken
I can be with loved ones who've passed on
I want to live in my dreams all the time
I don't want to be somebody's pawn.

I'll lay my head on the pillow tonight
And for awhile I'll be able to escape
Change my life and the surroundings
Rearrange events and watch them take place.

But then the morning always comes
And once again my day will start
It will end the way it always does
Someone will wind up breaking my heart.

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