~ Locket Guaranteed ~

With you, I know it is for real
With you, I know it is secure
For the love of God compels your heart
In all, most good and pure

With you, there is no ponder
If tomorrow you'll be true
For tried and tested, I know for sure
My dearest friend is you

With you, there is no question
No wonder in my mind
For each email, I have come to know
You always will be kind

With you, the delightful sweetness stays
Guaranteed each and every day
You remain my loving friend
Beloved in every way

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

In your hands you hold things
that, sooner or later, will
rust and decay. In your
heart you hold, to keep
all that is timeless.


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Poem & Verse in the flash 2007
Derry aka Heartwhispers

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