~ The Lonesome Train ~

You announce your arrival as you come near
With a woeful lonesome sound
One blast of your whistle is what we hear
As the train passes by our town.

We can hear the clickity-clack of your wheels
As you continue on your way
Are you trying to tell us something
Don't we understand what you're trying to say?

The loneliness you suffer as you travel along
Never having a place to call home
To forever ride the rails to nowhere
To forever continue to roam.

This woeful sound that you emit
Is a sound that cuts through the night
No matter where I am or how far away
Your sound tells ME of your plight.

In some ways I can identify with you
Loneliness is so hard to bear
Your sound reverberates through my soul
As my insides scream out in despair.

Oh the sound you doth emit
Stirs up emotions buried deep inside
But still I feel drawn to you
These feelings I can't seem to hide.

Do other people hear your lament
As you travel from town to town
Announcing your arrival as you draw near
With that woeful lonesome sound.

Chee Chee Martin 1-22-2005

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