~ Looking Out My Window ~

Just pondering from my window
Watching the world wide web go by
And musing on the you
That I see passing by

Just thinking how that time
Is bringing us to be so close
The advantages of net friendship
Can really be the most

For when living very near
Much can keep good friends apart
Like housework and routines
And other matters of the heart

There's the cultural variations,
Distance and especially our health
Shyness can even be a barrier
For all we'd like to tell

But sharing by the web
Is like a connection made of heaven
We can be close in spirit always
Almost twenty-four in seven

Thank you Lord
for my special mouse pad pal

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

The friendship - kinship that we have,
miles cannot separate ~ nor anything divide
that which is within our heart.
I am glad that God saw fit to send you my way.
He knew what He was doing when He
decided we were going to meet.
He found a place that was halfway
-~the internet~
And so we put our fingers on the keys
and each day make more memories to share.

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