~ Looking Through My Eyes ~

When I look through my eyes-
I see good in my life,
Which is meant to be

When I look through my eyes-
All I hold, is birds that sing
There is no wrong that touches me
For in "God's Art" there is only beauty

When I look at the heavens and the bright sun
I can smell the flowers and know that I have won

If the rain falls and dark clouds come upon the earth
I know when it is done, a rainbow of hope
Is seen, with all the mystery of life
Looking through my eyes-
I behold a light

When I am sad and cry out in pain
I see The Lord, who remembers my name
And my good friends comfort me
Then I know how to smile again

For like the birds, I am free
In this world I live
Love, always, will remember me.


Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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