~ Lord Take Away ~

Lord, take away this longing, I feel in my heart
Help me get through this, a blessing, impart
I do not know why, some things in my life
Have caused me some bitterness, and so much strife

You must have a perfect plan, in place for me
As all things that happen, are for reasons I cannot see
I have given my life, and my heart to you only
And many times you've filled it, and not left me lonely

This trust that I've had, all this time, in You
Keeps my heart focused, on your love, so true
But sometimes I feel, alone in this place
And it's then, all I want, is to see your face

Give to me your peace, on that I do depend
Hold my hand often, and compassion, do lend
Keep me in your presence, guide me through today
And let me be receptive, to all words you say

Debbie Looney May, 2007

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