~ Lost In My World ~

Lost in my world
A sea of despair
Feeling so lonely
No one cares.

A sea of tears
I have cried
My heart is broken
I want to die.

Lost in my world
My head hung down
Dreading each day
And wearing a frown.

All alone
And feeling blue
Can't get it together
Because of you.

Lost in my world
In the dark I stay
Not venturing out
I've become afraid.

Don't want to get hurt
I'll not take a chance
Love does hurt
Given up on romance.

Lost in my world
I'm drowning here
Nothing makes sense
Nothing is clear.

My heart needs mending
This I know
I want to be happy
Please make it so.

Come back to me
And mend my heart
Hold me close
And never part.

I'll start to change
I'll be different, you'll see
A smile I'll wear
Come back to me.

Chee Chee Martin © 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul



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