~ Lost Looking For Myself ~

In those days when I was younger
I searched around for my direction
But at each and every turning
I thought I saw the same reflection.

And when I felt Id found the answer
Another question would arise
And off I would go once again
Chasing rainbow colored skies.

It seems I was never satisfied
Or happy with the things I had
I kept letting things slip away
Or trading the good for the bad.

I was blessed with more than most
With those who loved me as I was
But that never seemed enough for me
And stupid is, as stupid does.

With my selfish reasoning
I thought there was a better way
As I kept putting off the debts
I knew someday, Id have to pay.

So, while looking for myself
I found I was hopelessly lost
And theres no way to place a value
On what my futile quest has cost.

I know now that I have found
All, that Ive been searching for
But then, I left it all behind me
To see beyond just one more door.

Del "Abe" Jones 2005


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Midi is used with permission Margi Harrell

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