~ With Love And Hugs ~

My heart is slowly breaking
the news was less than kind
tears continue falling
words are hard to find

I swore to you in secrecy
as this is what you chose
you wanted time for thinking
some time to grasp the blow

A dark cloud hangs with sorrow
has left you in despair
nothing seems to matter
you've lost your will to care

To give up now is cheating
you have so much to lose
look beyond the darkness
start each day anew

Your life has so much meaning
so please don't give up now
tho, times are rough and gloomy
things can turn around

I shall never see inside your heart
nor, know just how you feel
but friend, I care and love you
my tears and feelings, real

If I only had the power
I'd gladly take away
all your pain and heartache
on any given day

Life has much to offer
although it may look gray
determined with compassion
to lighten your darkest day

My heart and arms are open
tho, I shall never see
things from your perspective
are unclear to me

The road ahead looks bumpy
somehow we'll see it through
we'll climb the highest mountains
together, just we two

No, I can't see inside you
to know your inner fears
with tender understanding
I'll wipe away your tears

The bond we have between us
forever will be strong
think about it always
to help you move along

My hand I am extending
with hope and gentle hugs
reaching out in friendship
and never-ending love

These words now penned on paper
I've felt throughout the years
our friendship is important
ink blending with my tears

Please, let me be there for you
to help you through each day
with every breath, I'm pleading
please don't turn away

Rose Marie Streeter 2006


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