~ Love ~

My Savior, my heart is full of love for you
As my spirit yearns to draw near Thee
YOUR Blessed face I so desire to see
In Your Holy presence I forever long to be.

LORD, while on this earth I still remain
In me I pray, love for others can be found
I know it pleases YOUR ever loving heart
When to others, we are willing to impart.

If it be only a smile or helping hand
From You Dear Lord, comes this command
That as ourselves, one another we should love
With the love You give us, from above.

Only then will the world know we belong to Thee
When our love for others, they can plainly see
Daily LORD, help Your love in us to grow
So others will desire, only You to ever know.

YOUR love my LORD, is so precious to me
I pray in my life, You alone will be seen.

Elizabeth Ann Biggs 2004
Poems From My Heart

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