~ Love ~

Love is not jealous, nor is it unkind,
And it lives in the heart, of all mankind.
Something we brought from the womb,
Something God's Son took to the tomb.

If not for Love, just think where we'd be,
We'd be burning in Hell, for all of eternity.
But God chose to save sinners, like you and me,
So his only Son, gave His life on Mt. Calvary.

Love is what makes this very world spin,
It started in Eden, but was lost with sin.
Take a look around, tell me what do you see,
Crime shouldn't be a part of our history.

Love doesn't start at the end of a knife,
But jealousy will take another one's life.
Love doesn't start at the barrel of a gun,
Life started at the cross, with the death of a Son!!

Go read your Bible, you'll see what it said,
Love raised a Father's Son from the dead.
Why is it so hard for us to Love one another,
We all started from one Father and Mother.

Adam and Eve, the first born daughter and son,
Living In Eden, a life filled with wonder and fun,
Then Satan came, snatched it all away,
Love disappeared on that fateful day !!


Brenda D King 2005

God Bless each and everyone of us,
May we find and bring Love
back into our hearts and homes.
Love is the very foundation of our Life!!

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