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Many thoughts are churning in my mind
That I'm pondering on just now,
Most tender the reflections
That are whirling 'round and 'round.

In my prayers for folks I know
Both close and very far,
To know our Father's caring love
No matter how they are.

And there's much for which to praise
My Father for, all day,
Especially for computer friendship
That to us He surely gave.

'Cause how great the daily comfort
In sharing from our hearts,
As emails, daily chat
Reveal all that we are.

Yes, this keypad that we sit before
Is more than can be seen,
From there so many special friends
We gratefully receive

Such friends beyond the window
All viewed beyond the screen,
Oh, our Savior knew just how
To meet our every need.

Every moment of the day
As we give each other hugs,
By our hands devoted, typing
Whispering God's love.

For He's placed our hearts in heaven
Where now I am your friend,
He has brought our spirits near
In all that we can send.

For you my prayers ascend
My very treasured one,
May every e-mail that we click
Infill us with God's love.

Yes, praise God, we have our 'puters
The place that 'we' come from,
And may everyone online this day
Receive joy, at

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2009

All that is lovely in life is from on high:
joy in another's eyes,
heavenly fragrance on the path,
love from a gentle hand,
the life of God within their heart.

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"Somewhere Out There"
Copyright by Marjorie Harrell

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