~ A Love For Life ~

When I ponder on this life I live
I hear angels singing in the distance
There is so much beauty
In the world I cannot miss

A laughing brook, a nightingale
The woodpecker chipping at the tree
A friend eternally
To me mean everything
When I call out my name
It echoes back to tell
Of Jesus love for me
For He made my heart as well

I see the colors of the flowers
Breathe in the fragrance sweet
The leaves that crunch beneath my feet
Take me back in time
To when I ran around a tree
Playing hide and seek

I can almost touch the sky so blue
The clouds as they go by
I can remember walking on grass
High on my tippy-toes
I thought I would live for always
As far as forever goes

I have a love for life
Jesus love has let me see
He has been kind and gentle,
He is always here with me
When my life is near it's end
I will hear the angels sing again
But most of all I know
Jesus love will always take me in


Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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