~ Love For An American Soldier In Iraq ~
I love you so
Yet I must watch you go
As you walked away from me
I shed so many tears
For you are so very dear

Why must there be war at all
I see visions of the fighting in Iraq
You are so far from me
Yet, you will never let them take your soul
For you are forever free

I call out your name
I see beyond God's green earth
An American soldier with a memory
Of something that can only hope to be

In the desert sand,
With the sun upon his face
Dear God, when will I hear of his fate
I am here, and always true
My love, must be a part
Of all that he must do

When I watched you go
There is so much love for you
I need you to know

An American soldier, with the taste of dust
I understand, you must do all that you must
Please come back to me
So I can see your heart and soul
Which is a part of me

Come home from Iraq
Is the prayer I pray
I am with you in the wind and rain
The desert heat and all you meet
God will help you,
I know it's true
My love will keep you strong
You have all of my love
The Lord is blessing you

Linda Ann Henry 2007
'Written for Matthew an American soldier'
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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