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~ Love Is A Rose ~

If I pick you a rose upon the dawn
And you bring one to me,
We will kiss with roses on our lips
What wonder it will be.

If roses bloom within your eyes
And rosebuds are in mine
Then rose petals will be all to see
And that is all we will find.

If we whisper only roses
In all we choose to say
Then loveliness will be all to hear
Every moment of the day.

If dewy rose-drops yet caress
Our hands in tenderness
Then rose velvet will be all to feel
A lasting gentleness.

If a rose bouquet perfumes our hearts
The fragrance will be sweet
Enclosed within our rose arbor
Our love will be complete.


Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

I will bring you flowers every morning for your breakfast.
And you will kiss me with flowers in your mouth.
And you will bring me flowers every morning when you wake
and look at me with flowers in your eyes.
~ Heather Holden ~

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