~ Love Is How I Knew ~

'Twas a very little twitter
But, I heard you just the same,
Leaning on my shoulder
Whispering my name.

I felt your prayer for me
A perception in my heart,
Your tenderness came to me
With all you would impart.

I sensed you in the flutter
The rustle of the leaves,
Hushed there in our Jesus' love
Observing every need.

I touched your passing by
Oh, not with my own hand,
But, love is how I knew it
For love I understand.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © Sept 2009

God has built into all of us an
appreciation of beauty and has us
participate in the creation of the beautiful.
It may be one way God
brings healing to our heart.
~* Mary Jane Worden


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