Love Is...

Love is something as simple,
as walking and holding hands
Love is also exciting, when...
making out, in the bleacher stands
Love is a late night drive, and,
"Ooh-la-la in" a steamy back seat
Love is a taste of heaven,
when, the lips of lovers, first meet.

Love; can be felt so strong, you count the minutes till when
Your love is walking through the door, and, in your arms again.
Wrapping them in your love, followed by a passionate kiss
Lustful desire filling you, now you know; love's bliss

Love; can be like a hunger, or maybe... an unquenchable thirst
Though you want to taste that drink, love lets your sweetheart, go first!
Love is saying you're sorry, even when, you don't know why
You'd rather give an apology, than see, your true love cry

Love; is the twinkle, you see in your lover's eyes
Love is also giving trust, while never asking... Why?
Love is in the smiles, when; you hear... children’s laughter
Love never hurries, you can't make a person, love faster.

Recapping just a bit, so I have it clear
Love can be a sound, only the heart can hear.
Love can be a sensation, felt in; that special touch
Love can be a gift, each person, desires so much.

Love is the warm and fuzzy, you feel deep inside
Love is meant to share, it's not meant... to hide!
Love is that wake-up kiss, even when your breath is bad
Love can make you happy, and, it too, can make you sad

'Tis better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all
Love can hurt a lot, if, from cloud nine, you happen to fall
Love is all around us; we can see it in different ways
Love is the act of kindness, we all should practice each day.

Love is our children, our friends, our Dad and Mother
Love is also our siblings, each Sister, and yes too, our Brother(s).
Love is the God, to whom; we pray to at night
Love is a universal feeling, which our heart just knows is right!

Paul (ChryWizard) Posney © 2005

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