Love Is...... 

Love is that quiet time you spend all alone
also the warmth you feel in your home

It may be a child. so young and carefree
love is the closeness of ones family

A walk in the park, enjoying fresh air
running your fingers through a loved ones hair

Enjoying the beach as you walk along shore
sounds of birds chirping, the smell of a rose

Love is a feeling for that special someone
bright stars in the sky, warmth from the sun

Wildlife 'n flowers, the smell after rain
playing with children, their favorite game

A kiss on the cheek, a great big hug
these too, are also feelings of love

Helping a neighbor, lending a hand
the joy of seeing a long lost friend

Love is in tears, laughter or look
embracing a sibling, soft sounds of a brook

Love can be many things often disguised
listen with your heart and open your eyes....


2006 Rose Marie Streeter

Always make time to enjoy the things around you
because in a flash, they
can change forevermore...



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