~ Love Is The Love ~

Love is, that multi colored jewel
We want to hold within our hand
A treasure of such multitude
In one who understands

Love is, the moments of each day
Passing by from year to year
But beautiful when journeyed
With someone very dear

Love is, that closeness of the soul
From thinking of the other's need
Eyes locked across a crowded room
'Cause there's no-one else to see

Love is, a living sacrifice
Being glad to give this life away
For the well being of another
A sweetness to convey

Love is, being free to be oneself
Secure within each day
While careful of the other's heart
In all we do and say

Love is, the warmest place to be
Where you feel the most at home
Being 'in love' continually
With the jewel that you know

Thank you my everlasting treasure,
for the caring love you show

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007


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 Midi is used with permission
Margi Harrell


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