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I awoke as the sun exploded
Expectancy filling my heart
Lord, what have You today
What joy will You impart
Thank you for my yesterday
You were with me all the way
This morning, You are still here
For You never go away

I look up to the heavens
And see You at Your window
Tossing treasures of Your love
For me to catch below

I can see the twinkle in Your eye
As You delight to give
Choosing sweet surprises
To give my soul a lift
I'm excited for today
As my spirit seeks to soar
In Your beautiful blue expanses
With all You have in store
I stretch up high my open hands
In hushed expectancy
And as I pause, to gaze in awe
Your love envelopes me
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006
Love is being wrapped up only
in the idea God has of you.
Miguel de Unamuno


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