~ Love Letter In The Sand ~

As I stroll along the beach
I remember the sunsets we shared
Walking arm in arm through the sand
Telling each other how much we cared.

But those nights were many months ago
You are now with someone new
Whispering the same words in her ear
Assuring her you will always be true.

I stop and gaze out at the ocean
My memories I can no longer command
A tear slowly rolls down my cheek
As I leave a love letter in the sand.

I watch as the tide slowly comes in
Taking my words out to sea
Mixing my tears with the salty brine
Wishing my memories were cleansed from me.

You'll never read what I etched in the sand
The sea has washed it away
As if to protect me from myself
Assuring me, my words it won't betray.

And as I stroll on down the beach
My love letter disappears from view
The sea has claimed my feelings and words
As I struggle to get over you.

Chee Chee Martin 2005

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