~ Love Like A Butterfly ~

Today I want to send some love
like a butterfly in flight
words of life and memories
messages of light.
So many things happen day by day
Changes, but we shall not, we belong
our friendship remains
as it always will
every day, growing strong

I ponder about how much
you mean to me each day
All that we share and send
like a butterfly, our care
Flies back and forth, set adrift
as it pleases, nothing planned
A perfect gift
floating along, landing as we go
on various delights to give

Being together, inspiring one another
our closeness valued
Talking things over, building bridges
of friendship, dreaming castles in the air
So glad to have you
to encourage me, as I will always do
for you, to help you through
any joy or sorrow
Being there, being true

We can depend on each other,
for the love we own
is of heaven,
That's how we know, it can never end
in all our tomorrows
as in our todays
and every little moment
near or far
We will always be, forever friends

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

"In giving your hearts openly to one another
you are surely given
more in return"

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