~ Lovely You Asparkle ~

I sensed a twinklin' in the mornin'
Everywhere I looked
I gazed long out the window
And heard the babblin' brook

I knew something was different
The tone of birds at play
Soft whispers in the branches
A sparkle on its way


I sensed a new tone in your voice
I heard it on the breeze
I felt it in the sunshine
It's tickle and it's tease

I felt your spirit lighten
A song within your soul
Like as if you felt a dawning
A joy that makes you whole


I sensed your laughter coming
The murmur in your heart
I heard you giggle, cry aloud
Oh, spring is here at last

And I was glad, for you are glad
That spring has surely sprung
God bless your spring filled days
A-sparkle with His love


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems March 2010

Lovely wrappings sheath
the gift of one-day-more;
breathless, I untie the
package, never lived
this day before!
~~ Gloria Gaither

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Midi is used with permission
copyright 2002 Geoff Anderson

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