~ Love My 'Puter Friend ~

Go, get yourself a nice warm cuppa
Then, come and chat with me,
I've lots to share today
With you, I want to be.

Let's sit here in the moment
And see what we can share,
Don't need to go get tizzied up
Nor fuss none with our hair.

For we just want a good old yarn
A time for you and I,
To catch up with the going's on
And all what's on our mind.

So warm those hands for typing
Get clickin' on them keys,
I'm here a-wanting of your friendship
Come, sit a while with me.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Sept 2009

My dear sweet Internet friend,
You send to me your heart through these keys
and how they make me feel so beautiful
as you communicate God's sweet
loving you have in your heart for me.

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Midi " Some Days Are Diamonds "
By: John Denver
Sequenced by: M. S. Proffit


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