~ For The Love Of Two Sons ~

The greatest of all the gifts
the Creator gave to me
One was named Dennis
the other was named Willie.

I felt so blessed when they were born
my pride I could not hide
My love for them was like a spring
welling up inside.

How could so much love
be packaged in such little boys?
I found they were giving their love
 even when making way too much noise.

I began to tell them the stories,
the same ones once told to me
The stories that hold the lessons
 of how the Creator wants us to be.

They lived their lives with love and honor
the way the Creator said it should be
And like the Creator's son,
they even set an example for me.

Dennis was just past four
when death came knocking at our door
We would have Willie
a mere fourteen years more.

A time to be born and a time to die
I read that verse and still I cry.

In my heart
I know it is true
But it doesn't stop the pain
of missing these two.

Whenever my warrior anger
 begins to rise
I feel the warmth
of familiar eyes.

I look to the heavens
 and what do I see?
My two sons
smiling back at me.

My whole world
has been turned upside down
I must walk in honor of my sons,
in stead of the other way around.

For I was first,
but now I am last
Prophetic words
from out of the past.

Oh how I long for that last day
when I will hear two familiar voices say
"We missed you Daddy, welcome home.
Come on let's play."

Ernie Smiling Hawk
In honor of Dennis Feb 5,1975 - Feb 25, 1980
&  Willie Aug 8,1970 - Apr 14, 1994

2003 used with permission



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