~ Love's Friendship Is Forever ~

Today's the very day we have
To be ourselves, to laugh
As we skip in the warmth we make
The loving of our heart

So, let's just be a child again
Forget any sorrow of today
Let time be gone, let love become
The delight upon our way

Let's dance, pursue the loveliness
As if tomorrow's only glad
For it is within our God
There is no need for sad

Let's smile at every soul we pass
From the love we hold within
Keep them guessing at our secret
The 'all' of God we've seen

Tell each and everyone how special
How precious that they truly are
Kept, protected ever
By the love of God's own heart

Soft heartfelt whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

God incarnate
is the end of fear,
and the heart that realizes
the 'He is' in the midst
will be quiet
in the middle of alarm.
( F. B. ) Meyer

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