~ Love Will Go The Distance ~

Love, is all we truly cherish
A blessing from God's heart,
The loveliness of friendship
The sweetness it imparts.

Love, will not be asking why
But believe, just as it is,
Trusting in the mystery oneness,
In the knowing how to give.

Love, will read between the lines
And see the hidden signs,
That need some more attention
For love is never blind.

Love, endures through every heartache
And reaches out a hand,
To be a friend in sorrow
And seek to understand.

Love, is prayers forever whispered
A cry to God expressed,
For a friend to be uplifted
And always to be blessed.

Love, will share a glorious moment
Rejoicing in the good and bad,
And in another's honor
Be ever truly glad.

Love, will be courageous
And express the inner truth,
Courageous to reach out with joy
And see what God will do.

For love's a precious treasure
That Jesus died to give,
A lifetime blessed with beauty
The only way to live.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems March 2009

Love is the immortal flow that nourishes, extends and preserves.
the eternal goal of life.
-- Smiley Blanton

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