~ Loving You In Sweet Simple Moments ~

Tracing the lines of your face with the small of my hand, I go unnoticed.
Watching your breath slip into the hush of the room,
I glance around seeing your clothes tossed across my lazy hard backed chair.

You still have that sweetly familiar smile poised on your mouth as you sleep,
That tender smile I've grown to love.
Watching you breathe, your soft eyes silent and resting,
I have to smile for no other reason other than being next to you.
Just feeling your warmth,
Slipping my finger into your closed palm makes me feel calm;
Makes me feel like I've never experienced before.

You know you hear so many professions of what Love is,
How your heart soars wildly
And unless you've experienced your heart singing ballads,
And your feet lifting you off into the clouds, you've not experienced "Love".
Watching you, I realize that Love, even without poetry and proclamations,
is just being next to you.
Sharing our lives even in sweet simple moments

Carmen Wright
2003 used with permission
     "The Heartbeats Line"


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