Mad About "HAIRY"

I became the owner
Of a Yorkshire pup full grown
He had hair dragging the floor
That he was proud to own

His real birth name was Mikey
A prissy little squirt
He was so sweet and loving
'Til his feelings got hurt

Then he'd cop an attitude
Worse than anything I've seen
He'd bite at me
Show his teeth real mean

I could not take that mop of hair
Hanging all around
It swept the floor indoors
And stirred the dust up on the ground

Now I got angry with Mikey
But loved him just the same
The time had now arrived tho'
I must change his name

You see I have a grand son
His name is Mikey too
His hair don't grow so fast
And he don't try to bite you

So I'll just let the baby
keep his "MIKEY" name
But sharing it with a mean little dog
That would be a shame

I took that hair as long as I could
Then sent him for a shave
The groomer got the job done
Tho' he misbehaved

So thinking what to call him
Watching him grow that hair
Led me to think of "HAIRY"
Since he's grown it everywhere!

But don't misunderstand me
I'm just mad about my pup
I still changed his name for him
Even tho' he's all grown up!


Betty Hill 2007

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