~ Magical Moon ~

I frolicked Ďneath your mindless stare
when I was just a young child.
I walked with my lover hand in hand
as we looked to find your smile.

Iíve sat beside a mountain stream
entranced in your magical light;
your face is still the same one
that Iíve seen on so many nights.

And now looking out my window,
you move silently through the sky,
peeking at me through the trees,
taking me back through my life.

Playing a game in the moonlight,
with a ball that glowed bright green;
like blind men stumbling along,
in a path that could barely be seen.

There was also that night long ago
when swimming seemed such fun,
you watched as we stripped our clothes,
showing more than just our buns.

Lovers have often been far away,
and yet we could feel so close,
for we were sharing the night
beneath your warm soft glow.

Does a man live up in the moon?
well of course, Iíve seen his smile;
heís watched me through my life,
traveled with me all these miles.

© 2009 Forrest Phelps-Cook

Don't we all have special memories
that come back to us when
we see the full moon?

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